Moon Bounce | Shake

by Lior Phillips

You can tell a lot about a song by simply looking at it all sprawled out visually in front of you on SoundCloud. Even before pressing play, the spectrogram of contours and temporal patterns of ‘Shake‘, the first single from Corey Regensburg – aka Moon Bounce – already give you a rough impression of what you’re likely to hear. As the curves reach their highest points they immediately plunge right back down and it’s a sight that I, for one find more pleasure in than I probably should.

Geared with an equal amount of sounds that justifiably match the visual scope, you’re shaking your head from the get go and as the beats waver chaotically behind the lyrics “my hysterical body is starting to spill” the curves of the different styles slowly start to reveal themselves. Whilst the vivid contours amplify, they’re met with a smooth and unobtrusive R&B vocal.

The soulful end sits starkly away from the rest of the track, if only to allude to the rest of his upcoming EP Dress Rehearsal – due out February 25th. I can tell you, after giving this EP its own little Dress Rehearsal – you’ll want to stay and watch the rest of the show.

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