Monster Rally | Orchids

In under three minutes, Orchids, the new track from Monster Rally, does more to whet the appetite for his forthcoming full-length than any spirited ad campaign ever could. A series of swirling, hypnotic snapshots of far-off lands, the varying influences are abundant while the level of craft and skill that ties them all together is seemingly endless. The lush guitar strings are tickled and shaped with dizzying effect, the percussion is a constantly vibrant counterpoint, and the whole thing rustles and buzzes with the heat and flavours of the rainforest that is depicted on the albums cover.

Return to Paradise drops on October 29th via the ever-reliable Gold Robot Records and will be available digitally and as a limited edition 12″. Orchids is a free download; listen and grab the mp3 via Soundcloud below.

Pre-order Return To Paradise here.


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