Matilde Davoli | Dust


by tom johnson

We’re always fond of a handsome back story and that of Matilde Davoli sweetly delivers. Growing up among “tall limestone walls, spider-web streets covered in cobbles, sun-soaked shores beneath that warm azure sky“, the Italian ditched it all for the inner-city life and adventure of London in 2012 and set about recording her debut album. And it’s been some journey; both personally, we imagine, and musically, obviously and emphatically. Said record ‘I’m Calling From You From My Dreams‘ is released June 1st, but it gets its preview today in the form of the smouldering ‘Dust‘, which succinctly and impressive acts as her calling card.

Opening with an electronic kick that would make Errors proud, the track unrolls across three wonderfully astute minutes. For all the muscular musical backing it gets, it’s Davoli’s vocals which act as the star player; imbued with a sense of Beach House-esque quiet power, they bring a real sense of mystique to the track, wrapping it all up with a somewhat magical projection of departure and exploration. A mightily impressive start, you can stream the new track below right now.

New album ‘I’m Calling You From My Dreams‘ is released on


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