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I Break Horses | Denial

by Lee Adcock

You know, as a music journalist, I ought to bluff and write this blurb as if I knew perfectly well who I Break Horses were, and that I, too, had been knocked out by their blissful debut Hearts back in 2011. But I’m feeling earnest today, so I’ll admit it: no, I wasn’t aware of this sublime Swedish electronic duo, but the serene and euphoric highs of this new single, ‘Denial’, leaves me pining for more.

Ohhhh, my word. This baby is some handsome love child of the Romantic new wave era and modern-day, ultra-sharp electronica. The thudding air drum fills and the bright synths certainly betray that vintage 80s vibe. However, the heady array of lush details layered within gives this pulsing, stirring number such a dazzling sheen that, come the diva-studded chorus, I nearly swooned.

Right. So I’m going to catch up on Hearts now, but you should stream Denial below and feel this saucy summer love affair for yourself.


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