Hello Shark | Fishing For Bats

by tom johnson

The conversational timbre of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone still holds a resonance that’s difficult to move on from, such was Owen Ashworth’s way with both words and melody, and while there’s a singularity to his work that feels somewhat impassible, there are a handful of artists who are crafting out meticulous concepts which mirror his stirring pieces of work.

While Hello Shark has already proved himself to be a distinct artist in his own right – both with the release of 2011’s Break Arms LP and his work which preceded it – he’s perhaps never sounded quite as sadly stimulating as he does on brand new track ‘Fishing For Bats‘. He’s also never sounded quite as much like the aforementioned Ashworth but there’s no sense of aping here, only familiarity found in the burning sense of longing which quietly bleeds from the soft percussive beats and world-weary vocals that give the track its undefinable shape.

Evoking the emptiness of the most impassive of afternoons, Fishing For Bats feels both impulsive and wholly bleak, a dispassionate snapshot stretched out to reveal every endlessly prosaic detail, the listlessness that comes from losing and being lost, whenever and wherever.

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