Golden Glow | The Scene

by Tom Johnson

With a name as succinctly palpable as that, you need to have something pretty special going on. Golden Glow is the solo project of one Pierre Hall and a new six-track EP is on the way at the end of this month, via the always-reliable Bleeding Gold Records. Thankfully his chosen moniker proves to be a rather apt summation of the music that he creates. Hazy, quietly dramatic and completely endearing, the new EP sounds ready-made for basking and evokes those long lost days of Summer that so often fall away from us before we even realise that they’re here.

Beauty/Duty is released on January 27th and follows on from a debut album which crept past many of us upon its release back in 2011. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again; we’re pretty confident that it won’t.

Pre-order the ‘Beauty/Duty‘ EP here.


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