Anna B. Savage | I


by joanie wolkoff

Anna B.Savage’s bare, cathartic single ‘1‘ is a deft, warts-and-all memoir of lonely intimacy. With head-turning timbre, the London-based singer/songwriter captains a vocal delivery so poignant and stark in its honesty that after listening to her arresting performance on repeat all the way to the bookstore, you’ll want to stock up on dogeared editions of gender theory and maybe some Sylvia Plath for good measure. But breathe easy, all ye bros. For those who’d rather leap clear of the finger-wagging, political pedantry common to lady chansonniers (on account of that pesky mantle of history they carry on their whispy shoulders), Savage does whisperingly concede, “I would say that I am feminist/ But I would say there’s something key that I have missed.

This stirring existential ode is by far more jubilant than plaintive, thanks in large part to ingenious choices made around the track’s instrumentation, which builds from restrained acoustic fingerplucking to a splashy 3/4 meter outro resplendent with fuzzy electric guitar and triumphantly distorted vocal harmonies. Savage’s bitingly tender warble would have folk lions of past and present- Nick Drake, Joni Mitchel, Duncan Browne, Laura Marling- rooting for her every step of the way to the completion of her first EP. Hear her out and you’ll be cheering her on, too.



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