Ang Low | Voodoo Woman

by LJ Kessels

The universal story of wishing for the indescribable person to return, the beatific rock muse, the figure of a woman that can’t be tamed and will remain eternally out of reach. Many songs throughout history have tried to captures this creature, it is an unattainable feat doomed from its very inception. Embodied by the anxious beats that are repeated throughout this song, a tinge that dares you to move and leaves you motionless at its climax. Much like the tease in the eternal search for satisfaction at the core of my great song on love. As the neon lights quoting Elvis Presley all over Tumblr: “I’m in love. I’m all Shook Up, Uh Huh Huh…

Ang Low seems to capture this notion of longing for an unachievable woman beautifully in a mix that yells out the current sentiment in Brooklyn. One that is new and energetic but steeped in the old, an original rehashing of an old motif.

‘Voodoo Woman‘ is the last song from Ang Low’s Life Goes Down EP which is being released in March through Luv Luv Luv Records. Listen below.

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