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French for Rabbits

“Walk the Desert”


words by tom johnson

photo by emma brittenden

New Zealand outfit French For Rabbits have spent much of the last decade releasing perfectly tempered, often exquisite pop music via a handful of excellent albums, EPs, and singles. Their growth has been gentle and organic, quietly going about their business, playing live alongside homegrown champions such as Lorde, Nadia Reid, and Tiny Ruins, and carrying their songs further afield whenever the opportunity has presented itself. Led by the beautifully voiced – and aptly named – Brooke Singer, their music is usually quiet but always compelling, and no more so on their latest work, some of which we’re very pleased to unveil here today.

Released next month, The Overflow is an enriching body of work, wonderfully warm and ambiguous in all the right places. “The Overflow is our album for introverts and deep thinkers – it is sort of a constellation of all the different ways in which someone can be anxious,” Singer has said about the new record. “I’m worried about the future, wistful for the past.”

Both that wistfulness and worry shine out of their new single ‘Walk The Desert’ – which is released tomorrow but can be heard below via its accompanying video. As decadent as we’ve come to expect, the song is a spirited slow-jam that comes alive under Singer’s spell-like lead vocal. “Even though my lips are parched and my blood sugar’s low; rather walk the desert home,” she sings as the bright and sturdy instrumental dances behind her.

For all the talk of introversion, through the song’s repeated refrain it grows into something altogether more colourful and vibrant, like a mantra for those struggling rather than a despondent confessional. Indeed, Singer herself has said that she sees the album as something more than just a document of self-consciousness. “Perhaps it is more like a warm blanket,” she explains. “I want people to listen to it loudly. Not quietly in the background. It’s an album for introverts, but it isn’t an introverted album.”

The full album arrives on November 12th – AAA records, Reckless Yes (UK) and A Modest Proposal (Italy) – and you can check out ‘Walk The Desert’ below right now.




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