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Fran Lobo



words by tom johnson // photograph by el hardwick

Having recently unveiled the title-track from her forthcoming new EP, London-based artist Fran Lobo today reveals that song’s captivating video, and one which we’re very happy to share here today. The song is one of four tracks which form Fran’s new EP, which is released this coming Friday (June 19th)via Slow Dance Records.

A deft and inspired melding of club music and orchestral music, Fran Lobo’s music feels both heartfelt and hypnotic, a blurring of lines between stark elements, mechanical and melancholy. “This EP is about staying brave despite having your heart torn apart and the pressure you feel as a woman to keep a brave face,” Fran says of her new work,” to not break down, or show emotion, or ‘be cool’ when in fact breaking down and opening up is the answer to everything.”

That weaving of textures comes to the fore on “Brave”. Fran’s captivating voice draws the main focus but it’s lit-up by the subtle undercurrent of synths and drum patterns, the whole thing coming together in a fascinating concoction. The new video treads a similar path, blending footage from London and Goa, as Fran explains:

This video is a love letter to ‘home’. Mixing two mediums/locations: iPhone in NE London and Super 8 in Goa. iPhone footage was shot during the quarantine and the video reflects the situation we are in and the harking to different kinds of home, including the one you find within yourself. The footage from India is in solidarity to all the trade workers in India who will have lost their daily wage due to Covid 19.

Recorded between Stereloab’s Andy Ramsay’s studio in South London (King Krule, Mount Kimbie) and Massive Attack’s 3D’s studio in Bristol with Bruno Ellingham, the EP is a brilliant stride-forward towards a full-length album that hopefully arrives much sooner than later.

Check out the full EP this Friday, and watch new video below right now.


‘Brave’ EP is released on June 19th,

via Slow Dance Records


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