Foreign/National | Life Tourist

by LJ Kessels


Life Tourist is the latest single of the Australian psych pop four-piece Foreign/National. These boys from Melbourne love jazz chords, nostalgic pop and the beach and you can hear this clearly in their music. As the beach echoes through this song together with a hint of Air’s ‘All I Need‘. It conveys a take-it-easy-attitude but does it using jazz chords which kind of trips up the listener.

“What is your motherfucking problem?” is expressed repeatedly without a spot of anger. It’s a technique of doing unexpected things or having an unexpected approach to a set form – The Beach bums anthem – that works brilliantly when done as well as it is here. One could see it in the tradition of the Beach Boys classic ‘Good Vibrations‘ before it was kitsch, if there even was such a brief moment in time.

From the start of the song you are transported to a world of palms, a warm sun on a clear day and perfect waves. A pleasant breeze as one passes by the cliffs. Jumping in the sand. The songs various hooks and fascinating sound cause you to come back again and again to this musical soundscape.

Foreign/National comes in a wave of great Australian psych pop music and surely deserves a seat at the table. A new must for any playlist or music junky; especially if you seek to let go of all the hassle put on our daily existence. Live your life as if you were an eternal Tourist bumming from place to place; like a modern day Neal Cassady or Jack Kerouac.

Foreign/National’s debut EP will be out this September via Downtime.

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