Guest Post:

“Tour Anthems”

A playlist by Football, Etc.


The trio tour Europe and the U.S over the next month or so.

Check out the full set of dates at the bottom the page.


words by football, etc.

Preparations for van entertainment often go awry. The CD everyone wants to hear is scratched. American DVDs don’t work on Euro players. That album you’re eager to show off turns out to be a snoozer. And beyond that, the van soundtrack is driver’s choice most of the time, so folks are doing their own thing. But there are moments where we all enjoy something together, chanting along like a high school team on the way to a state tournament. You can’t design or plan those moments, and anyway, a soundtrack full of them would be exhausting. So here’s a playlist with background jams and tour anthems. We’ll just have to get in the van to see which is which.


Q and Not U – “Hooray for Humans”
Classic UK/Euro tour singalong going strong for about 6 years.

Palehound – “If You Met Her”
Very into the new Palehound record.

Japanese Breakfast – “Everybody Wants to Love You”
We love Japanese Breakfast.

Tancred – “Not Likely”
Some amazing That Dog worship.

Janet Jackson – “Escapade”
The most jubilant track off Rhythm Nation, one of the best records of all time.

Ric Fellini – “Welcome to Rimini”
A zany little tune befitting a drive to an Italian seaside gig.

Jan Hammer – “Crockett’s Theme”
Instrumental synth music from 1987 that’s not too far from “Dire, Dire Docks” in Mario 64.

Childish Gambino – “Redbone”
My favorite song on the radio right now.

Prefab Sprout – “Appetite”
A jazzy pop delight that people forget they know.


‘Corner’ is out now, via Community Records/Barely Regal


Football, etc. & DAGS! – EU / UK Summer 2017:

July 1st – Villa N Roll, Pesaro, Italy
July 2nd – Triebhaus, Lucern, Switzerland
July 3rd – La Comedia, Paris, France
July 4th – Hope and Ruin, Brighton UK
July 5th – JT SOAR, Nottingham UK
July 6th – Broadcast, Glasgow UK
July 7th – Fallow Cafe, Manchester UK
July 8th – Horse and Wagons, Birmingham UK
July 9th – Milk Thistle, Bristol UK
July 10th – Black Heart, London UK
July 11th – Bobble Cafe, Lille France
July 12th – Privat, Cologne DE
July 13th – Selbstverwaltetes, Erlangen DE
July 14th – Oetinger Villa, Darmstadt DE
July 15th – Bastione San Francesco, Verona Italy

USA – Football, Etc US Summer Tour:

July 18th – Casa De Monstros, Denton TX
July 19th – PH Community House, Tulsa OK
July 20th – Schlafly Taproom, St. Louis MO
July 21st – SubT Downstairs, Chicago IL
July 22nd – City Grows, Pittsburgh PA
July 23rd – Lizard Lounge, Lancaster PA
July 24th – Wamleg, Wallingford CT
July 25th – Middle East Upstairs, Boston MA
July 26th – Gold Sounds, Brooklyn NY
July 27th – The Station, Charlotte NC
July 28th – Cafe Coco, Nashville TN
July 29th – Hey Cafe, New Orleans LA



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