First Listen:

Fond Han

“Cali Cruiser”


by tom johnson

Lifted from the fast-approaching new full-length, Sham Cloud, which was recorded at In The West and mixed and mastered by Alex Molini, and is released September 23rd via Exploding In Sound, “Cali Cruiser” is the new track from New Jersey duo Fond Han, with added layers of guitar courtesy of Steve Hartlett of label-mates Ovlov and Stove that continually land a hammer-blow of sorts in to the suitably dense blueprint they present.

The project of Kira McDonald and Thomas Baumann, it’s the latter’s muddy, moody vocal that steers the new track through its thoroughly compelling five minutes; the stifling atmosphere of the whole piece akin to feeling trapped in the heart of some listless day that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast, no matter how much you might wish that it would. Weighing in with McDonalds brilliantly crunchy instrumentation, the track is by no means a lightweight encounter, regardless of the sentiments that seem to have inspired it. In fact, ‘Cali Cruiser’ feels like ploughing headlong through a storm, not one that completely consumes you but one that shows you just enough hint of distant light to keep battling on to the other side.

You have to wait just a couple more weeks for the full release of the LP, but you can check out ‘Cali Cruiser’ in the right here and now. Turn it up.


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