words by tom johnson

Having earned his stripes as a stalwart of the Scottish music scene over the past decade and more, Ross Clark has spent the past couple of years focusing on his Fiskur project, releasing a handful of standalone tracks, and culminating in this Summer’s brilliant Cold Hands, Burn Slow LP.

Said to have been “born through conversations of encouragement” with Frightened Rabbit’s Andy Monaghan, who also recorded and produced the album, Cold Hands, Burn Slow swells with the same sense of heartening bluster that underpinned so much of Frabbits work. this is undoubtedly Clark’s own work though, and his loose, emotive voice brings a genuine sense of sincerity to his new chapter.

Indicative of this is ‘Emerger’, one of the record’s more measured moments, and one which gets a brand new video today. Here’s what Ross had to say about the song and accompanying film:

“Emerger is a song about searching; searching for answers and looking for a new path. A lot of the time spent writing¬†the record I felt alone and isolated, and we wanted to try and capture that feeling with the video. Despite our best intentions to honour the themes in the record, the weather was amazing and surprisingly sunny, so we leaned towards a more emo Duran Duran vibe.
When it’s sunny in Scotland all bets are off.”

Check out the video here, and listen to the full album via the link below.

Cold Hands, Burn Slow is out now, and available via Bandcamp


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