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Wovoka Gentle



words by tom johnson

photograph by sequoia ziff

If ever there was a advocate for the persuasive power of film and music then Wovoka Gentle’s new video for Branscombe might well be it. Taken on its own terms, the song exudes an palpable sense of submergence and stillness, paired with the beautiful images of a passing train journey, however, the whole things becomes something else altogether; a stirring counterpart to travel, journey, and rolling motion.

Shot on Super 8 film during a train journey from Vancouver, heading East toward Jasper, by Director Nicholas Whitworth, the new video is a moment of breathtaking gentleness, where beautiful landscapes meet quiet inspiration as the images are subtly clipped and rearranged while also taking nothing away from the plaintive beauty of the imagery itself.

Recalling the likes of Grouper and other brooding soundscape creators, Branscombe is one of the London trio’s most immersive tracks, blending stretches of glowing ambience with occasional vocal iterations and varying voice samples. The new video adds another level of captivation, however, the whole thing growing in to something wildly poignant and moving, a deviation from a heavy world in to something deeply enveloping.

Check it out below right now; Wovoka Gentle play Pitchfork Paris Avant Garde on the November 1st and a headline show at Rich Mix in London on November 7th (details here).




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