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by tom johnson

Lifted from the Orgeon trio’s second full-length effort, WL’sMercury” is a compelling blurring of the lines; a drifting, hazy piece of music that flips between genres, moods, colours, so that you’re never really sure where it finds you. In one moment it’s spacious and eminently pretty, the next its skittish and propulsive, soaring through a shifting backdrop of inventive, surrealist soundscapes that threaten to submerge the whole thing.

Premiering below today, the track’s accompanying video is suitably warped; a dramatic counter-point to the songs otherworldly persuasion. One-part of the ‘Light Years‘ LP’s visual album, the video is the culmination of a two-year collaboration with local artists, which also took in “stereoscopic photography, 16mm film, stop motion animation, digital collage, slow motion film, dance, and 3d point cloud scanning techniques.” Bold and brilliantly dynamic, the entire project is well worth diving in to – as is the new video for “Mercury” which you can watch below.

“Our bodies are made up of active systems which mainly function without our conscious direction. Beyond the complexity of our physical being, our mind and imagination offer an endless world of exploration, creation, and connection. The movement in this video represents an imaginary system, with each part (body) operating according to different rhythms, stimuli, and inspiration from elements in nature. Throughout WL’s song “Mercury,” the bodies stoically present united structures, glimpses of new possibility, proposals for greater depth, and an eventual unraveling of the organized structure. The impassive nature of the characters is intended to allow the audience to connect with the language of the body and an invitation to bring their personal stories and emotions into the video. It is a nudge to connect with our own internal solar systems and feel engaged with the world around us.”

-Kya Bliss, Director

WL’s “Light Years” LP is out October 28th, via XRAY


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