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Water From Your Eyes

“Cold Stare”

(Video Premiere)


words by ross jones

Rachel Brown and Nate Amos are Water From Your Eyes, a duo from Chicago via New York that have found the happy medium between being prolific and ensuring everything they release is of deserved quality. The pair released their wonderfully considered first LP, ‘Long Days, No Dreams‘ in April, and quickly followed it up with the release of a new EP in May. If that wasn’t enough to be able to tuck into, the further news that another brand new EP is on it’s way in August gives you the idea of the focus and creative energy the duo exude.

‘Cold Stare’, taken from their aforementioned full-length, is a tender dose of bubbling guitar-pop, full to the brim with intuitive synths and Brown’s contemplative foresight. The track softly transcends all manner of categorisation – it’s a warmth-inducing pop song, an explorative yet concise jam on percussive-beats and a drifting, mellow traipse in lo-fi, which when considered as a whole makes for absorbing and conscious listening. Brown delivers purposeful and responsive lyricism with an air of reverie, their words floating within a hot air balloon, huge and striking, yet tied to it’s foundations, grounded and permanent. It’s a suitable impression of their music as a whole, Water From Your Eyes expressing a penchant for wondering whilst ensuring they keep steadfast within their focus.

‘Long Days, No Dreams’ is out now, the group’s new EP ‘III’ is also available. Watch the brand new video for ‘Cold Stare’ below.



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