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The Wave Pictures

“Bamboo Diner In The Rain”


by tom johnson

In true The Wave Pictures style, the associated blurb for their new video, which is streaming below from today, references David Lynch, Stallone, Dire Straits’ Communique LP and the “prose style of Mickey Spillane”. As nuanced and stylistically compelling as all those things suggest, the new video was made by Ed Prosser and accompanies the title-track from their latest, and wonderful, album “Bamboo Diner In The Rain“.

A swooning blend of slide guitar and┬áDave Tattersall’s beautifully withdrawn lead vocal, the track itself makes for a glowing five-minutes, Tasserall’s aforementioned voice matched by the overall restraint of the piece, that even finds time for a glorious Spanish guitar solo. Lending the track a somewhat edgier feel, the new video is all dry-ice and shifting colourful landscapes that match the languid late-night posture of the song.

The full record is out now, on Moshi Moshi, and available to buy here. Check out the new video below right now; here’s what the band themselves had to say about it:

“The Bamboo Diner In The Rain video is The Wave Pictures’ second collaboration with talented London filmmaker Ed Prosser, who’s surreal vision of the song seems to encompass both David Lynch’s Lost Highway and Sylvester Stallone’s arm-wrestling epic Over The Top. Camp and strange in equal measure. The Wave Pictures had nothing to do with the video; they were being filmed while they performed the song for a Resonance Radio session for the Dexter Bentley show early on a Saturday morning. Ed Prosser created the arm-wrestling scenes while the band were away on tour. The song was inspired by Dire Straits’ second album Communique and by the prose style of Mickey Spillane. The video is entirely the work of Ed Prosser.”

Bamboo Diner in the Rain LP is out on Moshi Moshi

You can buy it here


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