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Saudade Sisters

“Wrong Ones”


words by sammy maine

Saudade Sisters create a sincere account of what it means to feel lost and hopeless – to feel like an alien inside your own body and despite the blossoms that surround you, there’s a dense and impenetrable aching that follows you with every step. On “Wrong Ones”, they speak of ‘wining and dining themselves to death’, of not being able to ‘run far enough’; statements that are delivered in an almost aloof manner that renders their meaning even more devastating – as if their minds and bodies are frozen in this loop of listlessness and despondency.

This consciousness is mimicked in the instrumentation – a clever, complimentary tone of sluggish strums that honour the lyricism by allowing them to take precedence over anything else. The almost-there percussion is so softly and carefully constructed, providing the kind of lush texture that swells in its poignancy. Saudade Sisters have produced a certain magic on “Wrong Ones” that manages to admit our collective demons, allowing us to perhaps feel a little less alone in a world that often pulls us apart.


intro by saudade sisters’ claire morales

Inspired by: Rosemary’s Baby, heartbreak, David Lynch, sisterhood, moody 60s folkstress witches, friendship, social anxiety, Patsy Cline and melted ice cream.

We shot the video between 2 years. Day 1 was us throwing together a last minute seance slumber party. We just called lots of ladies and bought a few bottles of wine and played parties games. There was a lot of chanting and dancing too, definitely felt like a very fun coven.

1 year later we shot the other 2 days of footage. We wondered around my neighborhood and these empty fields and cemeteries. We tried to pick locations that felt moody and sparse and dead, which is easy in winter.

These songs really feel like winter to us, even though we released them in spring. I think there’s a special kind of sadness that is there even as everything is springing to life and waking up from the cold, a sort of frost that can carryover in you. There’s this feeling of being outside the growth and light and happiness. It’s a strong sadness because you can see the beauty of the world but you can’t be a part of it. I think that’s one of the things we were trying to get to with these songs, and location and season are a big part of feeling in this video and in the album as a whole.


“Wrong Ones” is taken from Saudade Sisters’ forthcoming EP and you can watch it below.

“Wrong Ones” by Saudade Sisters.

Saudade Sisters is Jena Pyle & Claire Morales. Their long distance love EP, “Wrong Ones”, will be available on Sports Day Records May 2017. Preorder…


Wrong Ones is out May 19, via Sports Day Records

Pre-order it here





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