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Psymon Spine

“Eric’s Basement & Secret Tunnels”


words by tom johnson

First covered on the site back in 2015, “Eric’s Basement & Secret Tunnels” still stands as a compelling stand-out from Brooklyn pop project Psymon Spine, a point proven by its inclusion on the band’s debut full-length album which is released next month via Axis Mundi Records.

As Joanie Wolkoff said at the time: “According to well-worn cellar trope, someone creaks open the foreboding door and inches their way down an iffy staircase. But in founding members Peter Spears and Noah Prebish’ version, dance beats fly up into into your face at a bat-out-of-hell clip and lavish vocal harmonies beckon from the darkness. Polished to a finespun gleam by Crystal Fighters’ Graham Dickson, Eric’s Basement pulsates with fuzzy synths and liquid string arrangements.”

Thoughtful and playful in equal measure, the track is a captivating spread of sound and colour, something exemplified by the inspired new video, which we’re more than happy to share with the world today. You can check it out below right now, and here’s what the band themselves had to say about it:

“It’s a super exciting feeling when you come across something that looks the way you’d like your music to sound. We felt a really strong connection to (director) Erin Barry’s work from the get-go because of how visually striking, expressive, and open-ended it is. Everything you see in the video was painted by hand and animated via stop-motion.”

You Are Coming to My Birthday is released on June 9th via Axis Mundi Records.

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