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words by tom johnson

A woozy and pertinent soundtrack to this summer, even despite the fact that it was initially released back in 2015, P.H.F (fka Perfect Hair Forever) today unveil a new video for “Soft”,  a single released almost two years ago that still holds a resolute sense of both charm and intrigue within its somewhat skewed electro-pop composition.

Something of an improvised piece, that actually lends the whole song a kind of displaced sense of eeriness, the new video was shot over the course of a few weeks, as Joe Locke himself describes in more detail here:

“SOFT was shot over several weekends with friends and band members. This video was never about having a plot or any 1st, 2nd or 3rd acts. It was essentially just something in the background. I get people telling me all the time that they could never hear what I was singing about so I decided to also make it a lyric video, so I guess maybe people could relate to it more – I just wanted this video to have a vague feeling of isolation or loneliness or something, cos I guess thats what the song’s about. Real thankful to everyone involved, it was a long process and pretty much sat on the back burner for 2 years but it finally all came together.”

P.H.F released their latest LP, 9mm, in December of last year. You can listen to that right here, and check out the brand new video below right now.



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