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Jesse Mac Cormack

“Never Enough”

Video Premiere


by tom johnson

“On our way to California, we get some fireworks in a store by the side of the road. A few hours later, we arrive in Slab City (a desert squatted by former militaries, retirees and travellers seeking for a different lifestyle). They call it “the last free place on earth”. As we get on the spot, a naked man on a bike is standing next to a gigantic water tank. He smiles at us. We ask this squatter if we can use his tank for an hour or two. He says yes and so begins a once in a lifetime adventure. Fruitful meetings and coincidences, “Never Enough” is shot in one hour under the crackle of multicolored sparks.”

The above words, courtesy of French director Frédérique Bérubé, add far more context and magic to this brilliant new video from Jesse Mac Cormack than anything we might be able to add. Lifted from his forthcoming EP, After The Glow, which is released on 16th September via Secret City Records, the track has been bubbling away in the undercurrent of summer but finds whole new levels of gusto thanks to the striking new video.

Detailed, compelling, and brilliantly executed, you can check out the video below right now.


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