First Watch:

Hollow Hand

“End Of Everything”


words by joanie wolkoff

Hollow Hand (né Max Kinghorn Mills) cobbled together an insane little music video for his latest single, “End of Everything” in the shadows of his bedroom and you’re probably going to lose your ever-lovin’ marbles over it. For starters, the Londoner’s DIY visual narrative is a stop-motion smorgasbord of Monty Pythonian heraldry, complete with nautical adventure, cosmic turmoil, lutist felines and inestimably more. Better yet, the track itself shimmies up to your ear and sprinkles psych folk dewdrops and britpop marshmallows all over the place until you forget that Mondays ever existed. But don’t take my word for the gorgeous madness afoot here:

“I’m interested in the diverse history of creation stories,” Kinghorn Mills explains of the video’s origins, “[and] our attempts to make sense of the chaos. It’s all here if you want to look… I animated myself into an ancient history fantasy RPG quest, choose your own adventure.”

End of Everything is a toasty serving of clever instrumentation and wistful vocal stylings mesmerisingly complimented by Hollow Hand’s homemade visual accompaniment, the likes of which we could all use more of. Check it out below right now.



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