First Watch:

Emma Gatrill



words by ross jones

Since before the making of new record Cocoon, multi-instrumentalist Emma Gatrill’s second full-length, the musician has been carving her own wondrous path through varying influences and directions, whether from working on her own music or alongside notable contemporaries that has lead Gatrill to this point. From her evocative music, Gatrill proves evidence of having a crafter’s mind, one that can coalesce varying elements of earthiness and anodic nature into pieces of harmonious exploration. “Skin“, the first example of Cocoon’s curious instincts, is an equalising sequence of temperate melody and haltingly assembled rhythms that basks in the adventurous colour of Gatrill’s tonality.

Almost playful in its skipping movement, as if dancing through gusts of wind as the surrounding trees sway almost in a unison of animation – ‘Skin’ bends and breaks with exasperation within Gatrill’s intimate and yearning narrative, one that is all the richer for her embracive vocal. Utterly arresting atmospherics complement the close proximity of human physical connection that is pined after within Gatrill’s lyrics, delivered with a gratifying assembly of delicate compassion and powerful emotion.

‘Cocoon’ is available from March 17th via Tokyo label Flau


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