First Listen:

Dear Reader

Then Not Now


by tom johnson

One of those brilliantly inventive lyric videos that puts all the rest of them to shame, Dear Reader today unveils an inspired clip to her wonderfully swooning new track “Then Not Now”. The song itself is taken from the South African artists brand new album, and her first in four years, which is released later this month (February 24th) via City Slang, and was recorded at John Vanderslice’s studio in San Francisco.

Blessed with a cinematic pop vision that lends the whole thing a wonderfully romantic gaze, despite the wistful glint of the lyrics, the new track melds voluptuous vocals with a playful backdrop of skewed keys and finely-detailed splashes of unexpected, discordant invention. Steadily building itself up in to something far greater than the sum of its parts, “Then Not Now” is a measured and bold next-step which beautifully, and intriguingly, sets up the new record; a graceful sashay away from someone who knew you once, but not longer. Check it out below.


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