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Breakfast Muff



words by tom johnson

One of the numerous band’s flourishing in Glasgow’s endlessly vibrant DIY scene, Breakfast Muff released their new two-track single just last week on the ever-engaging Amour Foo Records (home to last year’s brilliant Boys Forever LP) and it signals another significant leap for the trio, finding them in perhaps more wholesome and effervescent form than ever before, having already packed in a number of endearing releases since their 2014 emergence.

Streaming below, the band release the new video for “Babyboomers” today, fronted by an introduction from the video’s director, Alexis Mackenzie: “This is my 2nd animation ever ever ever. I’mĀ self-taught. Each frame was done by hand in photoshop and I created nearly 4000 individual images for it, to get the static-y and rolling background/sliding images effects.”

Far more detailed and impressive than those couple of sentences allude to, the new video is a mightily inspired piece of work, the skewed, scatter-gun representation of the images making for a thoroughly compelling counterpart to the track’s own somewhat feral unravelling. Raucous but refined, the whole thing is a thoroughly rewarding couple of minutes, and you can watch and listen to your heart’s content right now. Check it out here:



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