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First Watch:

Amaya Laucirica

‘More Than This’


words by tom johnson

Bright and brilliant enough to immediately thrust her forthcoming new LP in to the ‘essential’ category (if it wasn’t already), Amaya Laucirica today debuts the subtly mesmerising new video for ‘More Than This‘, the lead single from the fourth full-length effort from the Melbourne artist, which is set for release in early 2018 via UK label Opposite Number, following on from a single launch in her home-town scheduled for October 8th.

Drifting on through nearly five quietly emphatic minutes – if such a thing exists then it does so here – ‘More Than This’ is a brooding, wonderfully compelling swirl of colour and charisma, the track drifting (pertinently, never forgettably) through six-and-a-half captivating minutes, while the video’s main star, dancer Ogemdi Ude, throws all manner of considered shapes alongside, beautiful and engaging in equal measure.

Shot and directed by Geoffrey O’Connor, the new video makes for the perfect companion piece, one of those radiant departures from the day that you’ll want to keep returning to over and over again. We won’t be stopping you; check it out below right now.

‘More Than This’ is released today.




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