Yr Poetry PP3 by George Demetriades and Anja Venter

First Listen:

Yr Poetry

“One Night Alive”


introduction by tom johnson

words by alexei berrow


I wasn’t going to write an introduction to this because, as you can see, Lex has done a more-than good enough job of that, but his lovely words left me wanting to say something.

So, it’s band like Johnny Foreigner that made me want to start this blog, all those years ago. Something about the spirit they could conjure up from a scrappy three-minute pop song, all the notions of friendship, and growing old, and the sadness of life interspersed with moments of joy, of how a band and a bunch of songs and albums really can change your life when they matter enough, because they become part of your, my, our own little life stories.

It’s every bit our honour to continue to share their work, whichever form it arrives in to our weary and wheezing inbox. So read on and listen on; that’s why we’re all here, after all…

Yr Poetry PP4 by George Demetriades and Anja Venter

Hello the readers of Gold Flake Paint.

This is my favourite internet music place. Much like I assume Lads feel about Their Team, I get a little righteous glow when ever there’s internets about GFP levelling up. Junior and I used to (and maybe will again) write and play in a band called Johnny Foreigner and thru that we’ve been m8s with Tom GFP since he started, but honestly, if you plotted our relative exposure over those years, our curve would be an inverse of his. And whilst I’d happily be one of many asymmetrically fringed telecaster owning white guys to point out that popularity and quality don’t necessarily correlate, GFP is sure proof that it can. So it’s with no small sense of wonderment that Tom continually agrees to host the WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE PREMIEREs of my perpetually 0bars-on-spotify songs.

For at least the next 12 months, we’re concentrating on being Yr Poetry. We’ve been planning this for a while. At some point, late last year, amidst all the new pedals and chaos, it stopped feeling like a timefilling side project and became something of an obsession; something shiny and vital sounding we felt hella proud of but couldn’t really shout about without embarrassing ourselves. A musician’s relevancy works like dog years and we’re in our 30s; idk if we’re even socially allowed to reevalute our perception of What a Modern British Poppunk Band Should Sound Like. I’m (almost) convinced that this new vehicle for the songs in our heads is so abrasive and cartoon-noisy that we’ll hemorrhage the 10 years worth of internet follows JF earnt, but by this point if we’re not hi5ing our teenage selves over every riff we write then we kinda deserve to be destined to known as them guys from that band from 2008. We have more releases recorded and ready and planned, but now the first is done and I am definitely ok with the shouting.

So I guess, if you know our previous form, and yr listening to this mini album/statement of intent hi5ing along with us, then thank you, but if not, then at least give us credit for not bringing you the Waited Up 10 year anniversary cashgrab tour. Either way, we’re v v grateful for Tom to have given us a platform to trawl for likes outside our established clique even if i’m not quite sure we deserve it. And casting off the cynicism and doubt is kinda what’s informing our campaign plan for this:

We have 10+ years experience of being povvo musicians. Of knowing that, whilst what we do has an intangible worth to a few thousand people, it’s never going to pay the rent. We’ve learnt two indisputable facts that inform our pricing structure for this campaign. 1; that the value of A Song is p much £0, but 2; people are willing to invest in artists they value. We looked at a whole bunch of Content Delivery Systems to try and find the best platform to what we wanted and then Bandcamp went and did it for us.

TBH even offering music for download, against the inexorable rise of streaming, seems kinda archaic. It’ll appear magically on Spotify etc like real bands, but if you think we’re worth more than 0003p or are making a mixtape to impress someone with yr knowledge of niche indie band spin offs, it’s there.

However, if yr into what we do to the extent you want to actively contribute and support us, we’re stealing ideas from the best cults: We’d encourage you to subscribe to Yr Poetry for a year. In addition to the CD compiling all three releases we have planned over the next 12 months, that’ll get you extra exclusive songs, merch discounts and other assorted perks, as well as the warm glow of knowing you’re directly helping something you believe in and said 2 povvo musicians are sleeping a little easier because of it.

Sales pitch bedamned, I am super pleased to finally show this record to the world. One Night Alive is as close as we’ve come to writing a musical; the songs are set an hour apart from each other on the same evening. I feel like there’s a real small window between being too old for nightclubs, and being too old to bitch about nightclubs and this is me passing that space. PLAY LOUD. Nice anecdote; this evening happened almost a year to the day ago BUT i recently got dragged into (ech i may have been the dragger) into a debate with one of the Actual IRL Clubs this is set in, concerning the inherent poppunk/alt scene misogyny that’s weaved into the backdrop of this record. I feel like -Yo check out the concept record I wrote last year about this shit- is a worthy comeback and some consolation to knowing that these songs will never get played over those speakers.


Alexei and Junior

One Night Alive will be available on Monday, April 3rd, here:


(Subscription package goes live on 3/4/17)





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