First Listen:

Wren Kitz

“Cheese Whiz Salad”


words by guia cortassa

There is something vaguely spooky in Wren Kitz’s music. The Vermont songwriter is known to work layering field recordings and tape collages to guitar and voice songs, adding a ghastly presence to his evocative mix of ambient and songwriting. Long, rare instrumental tracks are side by side to bald, straightforward folk songs all through is sophomore record Dancing on Soda Lake, set for release on 2nd June via NNA Tapes.

It’s an underwater dance that portrayed in the album, made of muffled sounds and slow movings, leaving the listener as fluctuating in the still aquatic reservoir watching the sunlight filtering through the transparent substance.

Cheese Whiz Salad” is latest track to precede┬áthe record’s release, and you can listen to it below from today. As Wren Kitz explains:

“It seems important for me to tell you that cheese whiz salad is not merely cheese whiz atop some lettuce. Cheese whiz salad is more like an egg salad or potato salad. Add mayonnaise, mix it around, call it a salad, call it done. So, Cheese whiz salad is just that. 2 ingredients. Whiz and Mayo… A horrendous combination?

I call the song Cheese Whiz Salad to remind myself of that essence. To me, the song is really about loneliness and an alleged wise boy who, surrounded by love still feels like a mess of whiz with a vagrant heart and empty mind. Frustrating.”

Disquieting clinkings and screeching noises surround the gentle electric guitar, sustaining Kitz’s soft and reverbed vocals, before leaving way to a fuller sound enriched by horns, in an awesome crescendo, climaxing in a guitar and voice only coda, creating a mood reminiscent of the Antlers’ best production.



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