First Listen:

Wovoka Gentle

All Exterior Dark


by tom johnson

Continually one of the more intriguing and singular new bands on the UK scene, Wovoka Gentle take another huge leap forward today with the release of “All Exterior Dark“, a new track that precedes the release of their ‘Red’ EP in a couple of weeks, as well as a show at Chats Palace in London this-coming Thursday.

Perhaps their most compelling and commanding release to-date, the new track is an elongated, eerie delight, a shaded space where dense instrumental creates a woven backdrop for the bare-boned vocals to wrap themselves around. Taken on its own terms, the track is a brilliantly smart pop song, however, add in the fact that the whole thing shimmers and spreads its glow for a full seven-minutes and “All Exterior Dark” becomes something else entirely; a glimmering, grandiose statement of intent, as absorbing and intricate as anything else we’ve heard this year.

Yup, that good. Check it out below.

Wovoka Gentle release the ‘Red’ EP on October 7th, via Yucatan


photograph by jasper fry

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