Oh my. The fuzzy sheen of Guided By Voices, the slacker vibes of Pavement, the occasional Silversun Pickups style freak-out, a band name taken from an Andrew Bird song, and a debut single being released on Young & Lost Club; this genuinely couldn’t fail. And it doesn’t. It’s a brilliant, heady, glorious mess of 90’s alt. rock vibes, sprawling guitar lines and restless energy that doesn’t just deserve repeat listens it damn well demands it. Sit back, turn it up and let it’s delightful vibe wash over you.

”Never and Ever” Whales in Cubicles by Young & Lost Club

Free Mp3 download; Whales In Cubicles – Never and Ever

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Whales In Cubicles debut single, We Never Win is out on 23rd January, via Young & Lost Club.



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