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words by tom johnson

“With age comes experience, and with experience comes simplification,” says the short but rather harmonious introduction to Stay Cool, the new and third album from Omaha, Nebraska’s Twinsmith; an eight-song collection released via the ever-excellent Saddle Creek label this summer.

Taking something of a step-back from the more buoyant approach of previous record “Alligator Years”, the new record is a smoother and simpler ride, the cracks in the concrete just as important as where the road is carrying us. Such an approach is exemplified on the latest track to be released from Stay Cool – and we’re very pleased to unveil “Boji” today, which is streaming below for you right now.

Led by a soft breeze of instrumentation that seemingly hangs in the air like a blanket of summer, the track is a gorgeous deviation from the day, that aforementioned blend of percussion and guitar joined by a vocal that feels equally tender and restful. “Honey I’m with you now, all the way through” they sing, while the golden glow of the season stirs something magic and melancholic; a blissful moment of transcendence to repeatedly fall in to.

Listen to ‘Boji’ now; the full record arrives on July 14th.

‘Stay Cool’ is released on July 14th, via Saddle Creek

You can pre-order it here



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