First Listen:

Twin Foxes

“Tired Dog”


words by tom johnson

photograph by colin kent

Billed as the band’s “first ever love song”, and lifted from a new split cassette with fellow Rhode Islanders, Darklands, “Tired Dog” is the expansive new track from Twin Foxes; streaming for you below from today and offering a formidable six-minutes that might well split your day right down the middle.

Preceding the bands new full-length, which is set for a release later this year, the new track is an unwavering entry-point to the band’s work, drifting between the light and dark with furious contemplation, as all good love songs should, at once as skewed and biting as it is brooding with spiky romanticism.

Somewhat restrained in its opening quarter, with Jared Mann’s voice and words pushed to the fore, all loose of tongue and detailed with a glimmer of tenderness, the track soon swells to more thunderous heights, the skewed instrumentation swallowing all around it as it grows and plunges headlong in to the night, hearts swelling, two arms to the sky.

Tour dates

4/27 w/ Darklands, Dan Webb and the Spiders @ Elks Lodge, Boston
4/28 w/ Darklands, Burglary Years @ Aurora Providence
5/12 w/ Beach Slang, Alcoa @ The Met, Pawtucket, RI



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