First Listen:


“O Translucent Animal”


words by tom johnson

“They follow in the DIY tradition of writing, performing, and recording unconventional music in conventional basements,” so says the preamble to Tundrastomper’s new record, one which we’re both announcing and previewing today via the skewed pop magic of new track “O Translucent Animal” which acts as a foreword to new album ‘O’ which will be released on July 7th via Sad Cactus Records.

Playful and punchy, with the occasional ambient retreat which lends a weird sheen to the whole thing, the new track is four-minutes of exquisitely organised chaos, the intrepid instrumental dashing through a series of warped set-pieces while that somewhat dulled lead vocal skips around the protruding shapes and sounds with a graceful stumble.

Released both digitally and on limited cassette tape, the album also includes collaborations with Northampton jazz singer Kimaya Diggs, guitarist and vocalist Brittany Brideau of Hot Dirt, and Superteen’s Meryl Schultz and Jackson Martel – and you can check out the new track below right now.

‘O’ is released on July 7th, via Sad Cactus Records

You can pre-order it here



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