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Total Yuppies

Care‘ EP


words by ross jones

Where so much music is crafted with more of a fondness for unadulterated noise over considered songwriting, it’s nice once in a while to find a group that can take that pretty raucous, incisive sound and actually arrange something sonically and lyrically substantial. Total Yuppies have done as such, working a fair amount of attentiveness into their new EP Care, five tracks of highly melodic noise-pop which is being released by Dadstache Records tomorrow.

While they have no problem smashing glass and trashing the place at the first signal of wrought guitars, the Rochester, NY band take that pent up energy and release it with purpose, rather than shouting at a brick wall for no particular reason whatsoever. Care is documental, rueful and even at times weighed by self-doubt. Nothing, the most pensive moment here, rings with untethered empathy one minute and restless boredom the next, unafraid to admit that they need to be better, and yet so could everyone else.

Jacob Walsh practically taunts the microphone, his voice towering with good reason – Best of Me reverberates in its isolating state of existential crises, as Walsh asks just how they are expected show the true versions of themselves when they don’t even know what that actually is. The exulting of energy through undefiled noise is a small fix, but when it’s done so with ardent, emotional motivation, as done so here, its cathartic qualities strike with force.

As the imperative notion of misjudgement that embellishes the EP settles within the yearning, exasperated melodies of Trash U, the conscientious nature of Total Yuppies solidifies, truly ordering you to not judge a book by its cover.
Care is streaming today from GoldFlakePaint, you can listen below. The EP is released 14th September via Dadstache Records.

‘Care’ is released on Friday, via Dadstache Records



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