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First Listen:

Theo Verney

“Letter Down”


words by tom johnson

Taking a more low-key approach than on previous work, Theo Verney digitally releases his new album, One Small Piece, early next month, and he’s following-up the release of initial track ‘Mind Fire’ with the sprawling and meaty new cut ‘Letter Down’ which was streamed via Beats 1 over the weekend and arrives fully-flourishing today via the player below.

Something like Mind Fire’s more muscular antithesis, new track “Letter Down” makes for a grandiose five-minutes, the initial restraint of the opening minute, all decadent splashes of guitar and colour, spiralling in to something altogether more imposing as the chorus lands with a big thwack of guitar noise, like the storm finally breaking through the day. Keeping the whole thing balanced, though somewhat precariously, Verney adds ooh-ooh vocal flourishes and beautifully elegant little runs of guitar which eventually grows in to the kind of nuanced, thrilling guitar solo that you just get enough of these days.

In short, this is wonderful. Dig in below; the full record arrives on July 7th.

One Small Piece is released on July 7th



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