First Listen:

The Spookfish

“Black Hole”


words by tom johnson

Taking an unconventional approach with their new work, The Spookfish are today sharing two new takes of the same song; an acoustic version and full version of new single “Black Hole” – taken from a brand new album by Dan Goldberg, and streaming below for you today.

Both nuanced and compelling in their own individual ways, in that they seemingly bear no relation to each other, aside from the name, the acoustic take is a simmering, ambient-filled, dust-aged delight, all campfire aesthetics and brooding sentiments that seem to hang in the ether, while the “full” version is something else altogether. Still buoyed by an almost other-worldly sense of departure, this rawer, more full bodied track is a dense, and eerie instrumental that showcases an entirely different side to the project, hinting at the sonic unravellings of The Microphones, among others.

The opening one-two to The Spookfish’s new album, which is released on April 21st via Fire Talk, you can stream both new tracks below from today, and grab a pre-order/read more information about the release here.



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