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The Obsessives

“It’s Not Fair”


words by tom johnson

While The Obsessives‘ love for The Pixies has been a notable footnote in their new record, even referencing the band in one of their songs, such admiration perhaps manifests itself more as a faded tattoo on their flailing limbs as it does a direct influence on their sound. Far more in-tune with the slew of glorious up-and-coming emo/guitar-pop bands who are flourishing within such labels as Lame-O Records – who, incidentally, release the band’s new album this month – The Obsessives excel in the modern age, their hooky, mightily endearing brashness underpinned by a sentimentality that has flooded the associated genres over the past couple of years, or so.

New track “It’s Not Fair”, streaming exclusively below right now, is demonstrably impassioned from the get-go, a thick-hit of drums-and-guitar greeting you, before reclining somewhat as a that subdued lead vocals takes over, guiding the track through three-minutes that act as a coming-of-age tale that flips between wide-eyed petulance and the simple struggle of maturation. “It’s not fair that you don’t love me,” Nick Bairatchnyi’s sings in the tracks ripping chorus, the childlike simplicity of the statement quickly countered by something altogether more thoughtful: “I understand that I’m a vacuum and there is light elsewhere.”

Wrapped up in a flurry of charming pop hooks and brazen slabs of guitar, the new track is indicative of the band’s craft; a joyous/reckless waveform that will light up your day. The album’s full release in a couple of weeks, you can stream “It’s Not Fair” right here:

Pre-order the new album, via Lame-O Records, here:

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