First Listen:

Surfer Rosie



words by tom johnson

Instantly bursting in to life, with a thwack of drums and mighty slab of guitar, “Nerves” is a monumental introduction to the work of Surfer Rosie, a new Portland-based band who are set to release a new EP via the ever-engaging Good Cheer Records (Cool American, Little Star, Mo Troper et al). And yes, their name is a Pixies reference; Laura, Noah, and Gillian (Avina) started a Pixies cover band for a Halloween house show while the band took a short break during 2016.

Streaming below from today, the quartet’s new track is a fiery two-and-a-half minutes, led here by¬†Gillian Brase’s cacophonous voice, though vocal duties are shared across the EP with¬†Gillian Avina and Laura Daegling taking their own turns on the record’s other songs. Concocted from those ever stable ingredients of drums, bass, guitar, and voice, Surfer Rosie still manage to craft something altogether unique here, their blazing, impassioned delivery so full of personality it rarely sounds like anybody or anything else. Which is perhaps the best accolade we can drape upon them at this point. Check it out below, and turn it up as loud as your surroundings allow.

Pre-order the new EP here, via Good Cheer Records



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