First Listen:

Strange Relations

“Say You”


words by tom johnson

photograph by tamara alswager


“We built this record before Doomsday 2016 and have been carrying it around as a reminder, as a rallying cry ever since. We hope it might serve the same purpose to someone else,” so say Strange Relations with regard to their brand new album Editorial You, announced today and released later this year via Tiny Engines. “(It’s) about ambition and desire, and the line between the two. It’s about all of the internal and external pressures that fight against those two forces in our lives, and how we grapple with them.”

After just one listen to lead track “Say You” (streaming below) it’s hardly¬†difficult to imagine such sentiments blooming in to full fruition, such is the level of both craft and heart that seemingly courses right through the middle of their new work. Consisting of Casey Sowa (drums/vocals) and Maro Helgeson (bass/synth), the band have spent the past couple of years honing the tracks that make-up Editorial You (“We’re more than ready to share them with the world“) and that focus on their craft is more-than apparent on “Say You” – the track offering a wonderfully engaging four-minutes that rips through a series of varying soundscapes, from playful math-y interludes to a vibrant and powerful rawness that is both searingly palpable and indicative of the vision they have for their music.

“Say You is about how our bodies shape our realities, especially as they mold the paths before us and how others react to us and our work,” the pair say of the below track, before adding: “How are the limits of our ambitions shaped by our bodies? How can we maintain self-confidence and self-love in the face of all of these pressures rooted in our physicality? How do women, especially, navigate a world that seeks to constantly regulate and define our value and autonomy based on our bodies?”

Informed by such important discussions, and armed with a thrilling ability to translate such things in to wildly engaging pop songs, Strange Relations immediately announce themselves as one of 2017’s key voices; be that spoken, or¬†musical. ‘Say You’ is both resolute and redolent; a striking four-minutes that’ll light a fire under your day. Yup, that good. Check it out below right now and grab a pre-order via the link beneath.

Pre-order the new album here, via Tiny Engines



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