starman press august – hi res

First Listen:

Starman Jr.

“Blue Fairy” EP


words by tom johnson

Around this time last summer we shared ‘Noodles’, a weird but often wonderful set of songs from Starman Jr that trickled out of some dimmed bedroom and out in to the wider world with a hefty sigh but also a playful glint in its eye. Some twelve-and-a-bit months on from that release, Starman Jr. today release a new EP, Blue Fairy, which manages to be just as idiosyncratic and just as melodically compelling as before.

Streaming in full below for you today, the new EP sits somewhere alongside Alex G’s earlier, more stripped-back work, the overriding mood one of stale air in dark rooms, places where the memories of people are far more pertinent than tangible human warmth, with just enough light creeping in to keep the whole thing afloat. Drifting between playful instrumental swathes, such as the synth-edged ‘Big Words’ and the colourful ‘Talking To The Trees’, to the more bare-boned delivery foundĀ onĀ opening ‘Last Night’ and the lovely title-track which draws the whole thing to a close.

Embedding itself further under the skin with each passing listen, “Blue Fairy” is one of those quiet little moments of sanctuary that might well be spurned by the very personal choices and chances of someone far removed from your own world, but one that also carries more than enough warm blood in its veins to make such disparity meaningless. An inspired gem of an EP – you can stream the whole thing right here:



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