First Listen:

Small Forward

The Reservoir


words by tom johnson

Beautifully restrained throughout, while exuding that kind of worn but warm tiredness that settles in towards the end of a day that meant more than others, Small Forward’s new track ‘The Reservoir’ is a hazy introduction to their new EP, Affections, which is released at the end of October via Forged Artifact’s ever-reliable arms.

Available to pre-order via the link below from today, the new EP finds the LA quartet in similarly romantic mood throughout, and The Reservoir sits as the considered gateway to the whole thing, both here as the initial introduction and as the EP’s opening track. Something of a tale of two halves, the opening passage is gentle and tender, the instrumentation left to occasional washes of guitar and gentle splashes of kets, before, half-way through, a soft drum-kick enters and the whole thing slowly swells in to something altogether more developed, the track taking on a greater sense of urgency as the song passes the five-minute mark, feeling like the soundtrack to a misinformed adventure that never quite plays out in the way you were pining for.

The full six-track EP is released on October 27th, and we’re very pleased to unveil ‘The Reservoir’ here today. Check it out right now.

‘Affections’ is released on October 27th, via Forged Artifacts

Pre-order it here



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