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by tom johnson

Crafted across state-lines and the ascent in to adulthood, Slumbers are grasping on to the coat-tails of youth with their new EP which sees the trio making music inspired by sleepovers and similarly youthful endeavours. Originally all from Rochester, New York, Slumbers came to be just as everything was changing; the end of school, and Emma Willer leaving behind the aforementioned town to move to Nashville. It’s hard to know which set of circumstances had the biggest effect on the band, but for all the talk of both upheaval and adolescent rumination, the lead track from their new EP is almost remarkably solid, showcasing a considered eye-for-detail that feels blazingly distinct.

Released via Sports Day Records at the end of this month, the ‘Come Over‘ EP is preceded by “Battle” – and we’re very pleased to unveil it today, in all of its sweeping elegance. The vocal harmonies are bewitching, shaped, perhaps, by a friendship and understanding that was already well-developed, while the somewhat jazzy interlude that underpins the second-half of the track is a unexpected and gloriously stylish segue that only further whets the appetite for the full release. Eerie, often beautiful, and magnetically compelling throughout, “Battle” is an imposing first-step; doing more in its two-and-a-half minutes than often seems possible. Check it out below.

‘Come Over’ will be released November 25th, via Sports Day records



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