First Listen:


“Shut It Off”


words by tom johnson

photograph by danielle parsons


“Drown out the sound of your voice,

I never said I was listening…”

Aptly timed to to coincide with International Women’s Day, the above line, while not specifically tied to the patriarchy but delivering a message that absolutely is, acts like something of a calling-card for Sheer’s brilliant new track “Shut It Off” – a vociferous, earnest four-minutes which is taken from a brand new Psychic Quarry EP – eighteen months on from their debut album, and with a couple of line-up refreshes in tow.

Still splendidly led by Gina Almaguer’s eminently powerful anchor, the new track makes for the most muscular of returns, the spiralling guitars and penetrative percussion wrapping flying in the coat-tails of Almaguer’s heartened bellow which leads from the front in somewhat dizzying style. “Shut it Off is about struggling with anxiety and depression and trying to talk to someone about it,” she says of the new track, “but rather than just listen, they try to belittle your mental illness.”

Carrying an important and all-too familiar message, “Shut It Off” is a formidable return – a dazzling guitar-pop song to pin your hopes on. What more could we ask for?

Psychic Quarry will be released April 28th, via Native Sound

You can pre-order it here


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