First Listen:

Sarah Walk

“Let Me Try”


words by ben tipple

The pain of unrequited love is palpable in “Let Me Try”, the new track by Minneapolis pianist and vocalist Sarah Walk. In it, she pleads for a mutual response to her outpouring of affection. When Walk offers to “hold you through the night”, it’s clearly without condition. All she’s asking for is a chance.

Dominated by Walk’s understated piano skills, the near-four minutes are split between her affection and her self-confessed loneliness. Her suitor remains unknown; from an ex-girlfriend she hopes to get back to an individual who might not share the same feelings as her. Either way, Walk voices her emotional turmoil perfectly.

“Let Me Try” is a balance of public outcry and inward pain. One part holding up a speaker to a loved one’s bedroom window, one part the excruciating fear of letting happiness and companionship slip through your fingers. The track builds around these complex emotions, growing into a suitably reserved crescendo of sheer frustration. By the end you’ll be begging whomever it is to just give Sarah Walk the time of day. As should you.


“Let Me Try” is taken from Sarah Walk’s new album, out early next year via One Little Indian



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