San Francisco label Gold Robot are at it again, releasing another entry into their split 7″ series. This time round they fuse RUMTUM, out of Columbus, OH with Catamaran, out of New York. The release works as follows; an original track from each artist followed by a reworking of a track by the other. In this case you have New Lands/ Sea Gypsies by RUMTUM and Goth Creep by Catamaran then RUMTUM’s very own remix of Goth Creep and Catamaran’s vocal mix of New Lands. Sadly, the remixes are only available as digital download, where as the originals are also out on limited edition, mustard yellow 7″. Swings and roundabouts.

As for the actual tracks, we’re offered a reverberated guitar, 80’s synths and industrial drum beats as well as distant, eerie vocals from Catamaran on Goth Creep and a real flip round by RUMTUM on the remix as he chops the vocals up, adds some lighter piano, softer drums and generally takes it more on the dreamy side of things. Then we have the six minute long New Lands / Sea Gypsies as RUMTUM’s original offering which starts off as a more industrial sounding track with old school drum samples and rippling bass. However, the second half introduces a more funk baseline and jungle beats for an overall more upbeat result. Catamaran’s remix takes the more industrial side of this track and adds his signature eerie vocals stylings upon it, for an all the more spectral finish.

Words by Tom Dickinson

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