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“Futuramayana” EP


words by tom johnson

One of the charming pillars of Glasgow’s music landscape – from his work sound-man duties at almost every gig in the city to his work as part of the Save As collective – Gav Thomson takes the centre spot on his own stage this week with the release of RAZA’s new EP; the latest instalment from Thomson’s work with drummer Bertrand Auguste Mougel.

Streaming in full below from today, the Futuramayana EP lifts off from where the initial title-track found the duo and simply soars in to some electronic space world where nothing quite makes sense. That track’s wild inhibition is one thing that’s both present and prevalent throughout, each track full of spiralling musical rabbit-holes; one part sonic exploration to two-parts undiscovered Sega soundtrack.

‘Dogons VS Vogons’ is the epitome of that latter touch-point, a rabid concoction of beeps and bleeps from the best early nineties computer game that never existed. ‘Green Wave’ is a hypnotic mixing of jazz influences and skittering drum beats that occasionally explodes in to life, while ‘Pandahero’ is three-and-a-half minutes of warped, dream-like sequences that swells towards a hugely vibrant final minute or so.

One of those releases that is far greater when indulged in, rather than read about it, the Futuramayana EP gets a full release this week, and you can stream the whole thing right here:

RAZA Live:

FRI, APR 28th – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow

SAT, MAY 27th – Leith Depot, Edinburgh



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