First Listen:


Rolling Train


words by tom johnson

Shared at the tail-end of last summer, Rainwater’s Dead Frogs is a track that has stayed with us; premiering on these pages and later appearing on our “too far from town to learn” compilation, released later that year. Taken from a ten-track LP, released on Furious Hooves, it showcased a songwriter with a firm grasp on tone and atmosphere, one who could switch the mood of the space around you with one simple turn of phrase.

Releasing a new EP this November, again via the Furious Hooves label, Rainwater returns today, and we’re very pleased to unveil a similarly compelling track from the November-released ‘Place‘ in the form of ‘Rolling Train’, a gorgeous four-minutes of smart but lilting instrumentation and considered vocal weaves which manage to conjure up a beautiful sense of unhurried time and place, wherever the track might find you.

Led by chief-songwriter Blake Luley, the track is adorned with Amy Godwin’s stunning vocal which acts like a sun-halo to Luley’s slightly more weary admissions. The whole thing is wonderfully immersive, however, taking on the form of the rolling train it takes it name from, recalling moments of quiet introspection, face pressed to glass, shapes and landscapes appearing and disappearing, the quietly piercing melancholy of travel and all that it brings.

Get completely lost in it below.

The new EP is released on November 3rd, pre-order it here



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