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Plastic Flowers



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Perhaps Plastic Flowers’ most endearing aspect is the way that George Samaras weaves both his two physical worlds in to the music he creates. Across last year’s Heavenly LP, and the glimpses of his new record we’ve heard so far, there is a measured meeting of both his Greek heritage and London base, a kind of gleaming halo to the more gritty aspects of his compositions that ensures his work has a singular space all of its creation.

Unveiled here today, new track Dalliance offers another look at his brand new album, ‘Absent Forever’, which is released in early November via the Native Sound label, and further enhances the widescreen nature of his work, the song bursting in to gnarly life after an initially far-more refined introduction.

“The earliest version of Dalliance dates back to 2015 when I was still recording Heavenly,” Samaras tells us of his new track. “It all started after I wrote this arpeggiator from little Casio synth, but had no idea what to do with it and eventually buried the song deep in one of my old tapes.”

Both resplendent and unbalanced in equal measure, the new track is a troubled undertaking, the whole shifting out of foucs as it powerfully presses on, taking in elements of shoegaze-like guitars amid the more dreamier aspects that have become the Plastic Flowers staple. “Dalliance talks about growing old, facing new challenges and trying to forget people that belong to the past,” Samaras says in conclusion. “2015 was undoubtably a very messy year.”

The full ‘Absent Forever’ LP is released on November 11th, and available to pre-order via the link below – however, you can stream the brilliant Dalliance below right now. Check it out…

Pre-order new album ‘Absent Forever’ here, via The Native Sound



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