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Pickle Boy

‘Monkey Bars’


words by tom johnson

In their Great Grandpa guise, Alex Menne already has one of the year’s best long-players to her name, and continues that mighty fine run today with a solo track ‘Monkey Bars’, released under her Pickle Boy moniker and lifted from a forthcoming four-way split on Near Mint which also features Ratboys, For Everest, and Tiny Blue Ghost. You can stream it below right now.

Suitably stripped-back, the new track is primarily Alex and a guitar, with occasional ambient adornments, and such refinement certainly suits her more tender vocal delivery, the song rolling through its sub-two minute running time with a quiet sense of immediacy, the plaintive track burrowing itself in your consciousness from the outset, softly stirring and compelling at the same time.

The full eight-song split is released at the very end of the month; you can listen to ‘Monkey Bars’ below right now.

Fear Mint‘ Track listing:

1. For Everest – “Hesitation”
2. For Everest – “Blammo!”
3. Pickle Boy (AL from Great Grandpa) – “Big Bad Boy”
4. Pickle Boy – “Monkey Bars”
5. Ratboys – “Figure”
6. Ratboys – “Light Pollution”
7. Tiny Blue Ghost – “New Years”
8. Tiny Blue Ghost – “High Expectations”

Fear Mint Vol. 4 is released on October 31st

Pre-order here: // digital



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